Rob at Breaking Dawn Part 2 Sydney Fan Event

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Robert Pattinson - Breaking Dawn Part 2” Sydney Photocall

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“I’m just scared of crowds.  I just think people require things of me whenever there’s a screaming crowd, and I always think I won’t be able to provide what they want, so that’s why I look scared all the time.”

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“This seat’s taken” - Damon

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I think romance is anything honest. As long as it’s honest, it’s so disarming.

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“So Luke, what are ravens? I mean, you know, more than one?”
“An unkindness”

Sometimes things come along that pass us by. Sometimes we don’t get to know the people we should have, or read the books we could have or appreciate the things that were there. When all is said and done, I cannot say the same about One Tree Hill. It never passed me by, I never under appreciated it and I always cherished it. I was ten years old when the show started, I knew so little of everything and I was given this bundle of drama and craziness and sadness and happiness to learn from, to cry to, to laugh with and to love. I grew up watching this show. I was shaped watching this show. It holds a part of me and now I have to carve that piece out and let it go.

I’d be foolish to say that One Tree Hill was realistic, or represented any semblance of a life I knew anything about. It showed me new territories of fierce love and friendship, loss and gain, truth and lies. But even through the drama and the craziness, the show never feared away from being a quiet companion, a shy friend who taught me how to jump when I’m scared, to hold my breath and hope for better and to live. To love

The characters have been my friends, my family and my constant teachers. Peyton Sawyer taught me to be strong, that its okay to cry and that dreams can come true. Brooke Davis taught me of fierce love, strength and loyalty above all else. She taught me to let go of my past and start a new. Haley James Scott inspired my dreams of music, and teaching and she taught me to take risks with my heart. Nathan showed me that anyone can start over, be a better person for their loved ones and themselves. Lucas showed me the meaning of family. These friends made me laugh when I wanted to cry, and gave me company when I was alone. They picked me up, dusted me off and told me it was okay, because I am not alone.

I cannot thank March Schwann enough for this show and the chances it gave me. I cannot thank him enough for the words that helped me get to sleep at night, that helped me stop crying. I cannot thank him enough for creating these people who I can cherish for the rest of my life. And I cannot thank Joy, Sophia, Hilarie, Chad, James, Lee, Antwon, Shantel, Robert, Austin, Stephen or Tyler enough for keeping me company all these years. For creating characters I can count on whenever I need a friend.

You told me in the first episode that a bunch of Raven’s was called an ‘Unkindness’, but tonight I find myself disagreeing. Because this group of free, loyal, loving, honest Ravens have been anything but unkind to me over these past nine years.

Goodbye, One Tree Hill. I’ll miss you.

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Goodbye Tree Hill.

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Brucas Love; OTH memories! 

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